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Shake away muscle tension
Our new Vibration Exercise Machine brings science and exercise therapy together with vibration technology. Vibration training on our Vibration Exercise Machine can be incorporated into a conventional exercise programme to add interest and intensity, and can also be used after training to stretch out the muscles.

Vibration training with the Vibraxis is suitable for everyone whether they are sports people, recreational athletes, senior citizens, people with health problems, people with physical limitations, people who struggle with weight problems, time-poor exercisers, gym-haters, etc.

The machine is very simple to use

It is very quick. Ten minutes equals 1 hours conventional exercise

It will build muscle, help tone the body and improve core stability

It increases bone density

Increases blood flow, speeding up the metabolism

It can be used for a complete workout or as programme

Special offer 15 sessions for the price of 12! Members only pay £30, non members £50.
As well as this great saving, we currently have another special offer running for annual membership - click here for more details of how to save even more!

We are currently offering FREE trials to anyone who wants to try the machine for themselves, and club members also receive a discount if they choose to continue using the machine! Simply send us a message from the contact page, and we'll book you a test session...