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Powerhoops - A fitness trend that's here to stay.
The waist-whittling effect of weighted, padded Powerhoops make them a fantastic addition to your workout routine.

Powerhoop's large diameter makes it easy to use, even for those who never "hooped" before. The wavy interior profile helps to quickly build a body armour of protective core muscle. High-density foam padding makes Powerhoop comfortable to use, while the shape, size and weight create a versatile fitness tool that can be used in a variety of dance, aerobics, yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises.

Slim your waist

Flatten your tummy

Strengthen your back

Increase your core stability

Tone your glutes, hips and thighs

University Study Confirms: Powerhoop® reduces waist size:
"Powerhooping may be fun, but it's a fitness activity that can be taken seriously.
A new study by researchers at Canada's University of Waterloo Spine Biomechanics Laboratory, one of the world's foremost sports medical research facilities, has now confirmed that regular Powerhooping causes the waist to shrink."

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