ladies gyms

Who should join our ladies gyms?

I want to get fit, lose weight and improve my overall health! - At Contours Express you will have more energy, feel stronger, increase your metabolism, lose weight and feel great! Our programme can even help increase and maintain bone density and help to prevent osteoporosis.

I am too out of shape to join a gym! - You are never too out of shape to join Contours Express. Our qualified trainers will assess your individual circumstance and prescribe a safe programme to match your ability and to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

I do not have time to keep fit and healthy! - Contours Express gyms offer a programme, which can be completed in only 29-MINUTES two or three times a week. For those with more time there are classes for example to work on tums and bums. Contours Express for women on the go!

I prefer to workout in a female environment! - Contours Express studios are designed for ladies. We provide a clean, non-intimidating and friendly environment where staff understands your needs and goals.

The equipment in gyms is too big and heavy for me! - Contours Express is the only chain of ladies studios offering weight equipment, which is designed for a women's physique and have an adjustable resistance to match your fitness level!

I do not have the budget for a gym membership! - Unlike some gyms, at a Contours Express ladies fitness and weight loss studio we have memberships, which are affordable. The cost of maintaining your membership can be less than £1 per day. We offer various memberships and payment options to suit you. You can even join on line.